Personal Home Care & Assistance

If you are searching for Personal care aides near me, Home Care Partner provides personal care aide and assistance services for anyone who needs it. We serve residents of Encino, Tarzana, Thousand Oaks, Burbank, San Fernando, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Sherman Oaks in CA.


Hire a Professional Personal Care Assistant for Your Loved One

Personal care services are a blessing for those who require extra attention or simply require a helping hand to make their lives easier. A personal caregiver provides personalized attention in the comfort of your own home. It can be comforting not only for many individuals who seek personal care but also for their loved ones who want to stay in touch at any time.

Personal care services are not exclusive to the elderly and adults with disabilities. Anyone can need personal care, including those with severe illnesses or disabled children.

Personal caretakers assist seniors and other individuals who require assistance with daily activities. Personal care agencies employ personal caretakers to help individuals conduct activities like bathing, dressing, moving around, restroom assistance, eating, meal preparation, grooming, and more.

Who Needs Personal Care Aide & Assistance Services?

Personal Care aide and Assistance services can benefit multiple people, regardless of their age and disability.

Elderly people:

When aging, people encounter difficulty performing daily tasks and may even feel lonely if they have lost a significant other or are alone. Care and assistance are crucial to helping them live comfortably. Based on their training, a personal carer can help the elderly perform daily tasks and manage medications schedule.

Post-operative patients:

Following an operation, the body is left with a lot of residual trauma, making it difficult for them to function normally. With these individuals, energy loss and difficulty in moving are common problems. Post-operative patients must receive personal care and assistance through a perosnal care aide.

Disabled individuals:

Each disabled person faces unique challenges and has unique needs. A personal caregiver can facilitate a comfortable and satisfying life for these individuals. Caregivers can assist with bathroom use, lifting and transferring, washing, dressing, and much more.

Chronically ill individuals:

Chronic illness can adversely impact the patient's physical and mental health. Getting help for chronic illness can help to alleviate the pain. Multiple chronic diseases rob people of their ability to perform normal day-to-day tasks. As a result, appointing a personal carer becomes necessary.

Caregivers seeking respite:

Respite care replaces the care that family caregivers typically provide, giving them more time to focus on their own health and well-being in certain situations. Taking care of your loved one is a selfless act, but it is also important to take care of yourself.

How Can Our Home Care Assistants Help Your Loved Ones

Our personal care assistants, or PCAs, will assist with all personal care requirements of your loved one. They are responsible for all aspects of a person's care plan. Additionally, they also take care of a variety of household chores and activities that your loved one is unable to do.

We offer your loved ones a well-rounded approach to care that improves the quality of their life. Personal home care assistance takes care of everything and ensures a comfortable life for your loved one.

Keep their grooming, hygiene, and bathing needs in order:

Personal grooming and hygiene can be difficult to manage when you have a disability or chronic illness or when you grow older. our personal carers are here to help with all your essential personal hygiene and grooming needs, including helping a client bathe and dress.

Transferring from a bed to a chair, as well as other locations:

You or your loved one may be challenged with moving from the bedroom to other locations within the home. A personal carer assists you as you move, ensuring both safety and comfort.

Assisting in the meal preparation and feeding:

Children and adults of all ages find it difficult to feed themselves in certain situations. Our personal caretakers take care of their diet, meal preparation, and feeding while following a care plan.

Assistance in household chores:

Household chores like cleaning the dishes, laundry, cleaning chores like vacuuming, sweeping and dusting, making the bed, shopping for groceries are taken care of by a personal carer from our home care agency. Our caregivers can also assist with activities like exercising, driving to appointments, and assistance with phone calls.


Personal Care or Companion Care: Know Your Options

As humans, we value our privacy and dignity as well. Your loved ones may experience difficulties performing daily activities as they grow older. Personal care, in addition to basic medical services, provides hands-on care with companionship. A personal carer will assist in a variety of non-medical care services.

In contrast, companion care provides companionship and non-medical services. Social interaction is a basic human need at all stages of life. Hence, our professionals interact and provide companionship.

Why Choose Home Care Partner as Your Personal Care Agency?

At Home Care Partner, we excel in providing apt professionals who can take care of personal care services and much more according to the requirements.

Annual background checks:

All personal caregivers undergo background checks annually. These include a livescan background check given by the DOJ (Department of Justice) at the state and federal levels. Livescans are essential for caregivers to be licensed as HCA (Home Care Aide). Additionally, we also conduct DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) checks to verify the caregivers' driving and criminal history.

Extensively trained personal caregivers:

An expert personal carer receives approximately 12 hours of training every year.

Quality-assurance checks:

Our quality assurance staff performs regular in-person visits. The number of visits will vary as per our organization's number of hours a client is serviced.

Agency-insured and bonded:

All personal carers are insured and bonded with our firm.

Client satisfaction surveys:

We monitor the quality of care provided to clients through client satisfaction surveys for the utmost care and comfort.

Personal care and assistance can enhance the lives of your loved ones and also give you a sense of relief. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.