In-Home Care for Patients with Heart Disease

We provide non-medical assistance to your loved ones having heart disease from fully trained and licensed caregivers. Serving residents of Encino, Tarzana, Burbank, San Fernando, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Sherman Oaks in CA.

Female caregiver standing beside the elderly sitting on wheelchair

In-Home Care for Your Loved Ones Having Heart Disease

People suffering from heart disease, especially those who have had a heart attack or undergone heart surgery, can have challenges in carrying out their daily living activities. These challenges are aggravated for people who live alone, particularly elderly patients or those with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia-related conditions.

The presence of a caring, supporting, and expert professional throughout the post-hospital surgery recovery phase can positively impact your loved one’s healing process and reduce all disturbances as you return to living a normal life. Professional healthcare providers also recommend home care for heart and post-heart surgery patients.

Whether you need home care for patients that have suffered a heart attack or postoperative heart surgery care, Home Care Partner can help. Our non-medical caregivers are licensed and highly experienced in handling patients with heart disease and other prolonged illnesses.

Caregiver passing meal to elderly

Caregiver’s Role in Caring for People with Heart Diseases

When you suffer from a heart disorder, doctors take the best care of all your medical chores and treatment procedures. However, there are certain non-medical services you may need extra help with while recovering from cardiovascular diseases. Caregivers have been reported to spend an average of 22 hours per week caring for heart disease patients. They can assist you in various activities.

How Home Care Partner Can Help in Improving and Maintaining Self-Care for Cardiovascular Patients

Healthy nutrition

Our caregivers assist you with planning, shopping, preparation, and cooking heart-healthy meals.

Management of medications

Help remind your loved ones to take their prescribed medications.

Social support

Providing emotional and mental support through conversation and companionship.

Personal care

Assisting you with bathing, dressing, toileting, and other movements

Managing the home

Keeping your house clean and safe to reduce the risk of falls or accidents.

Logistical support

Transportation and planning of errands and activities.

Hire Qualified and Trusted Caregivers

Trust and quality are a big part of our history and values, so we make sure our caregivers are the best in their tasks. For this:

  • We conduct annual background checks on all our caregivers.
  • We provide at least 12-hours of annual training to all our caregivers about all health conditions.
  • We offer home care services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • We perform in-person quality assurance checks regularly.
  • We conduct satisfaction surveys to monitor our clients’ feedback frequently.

If you or your loved ones need home care after open-heart surgery or while recovering from a heart attack, contact us today. At Home Care Partner, our comprehensive approach to in-home care services enables us to provide the finest possible care for your loved ones while maintaining a healthy relationship with them. We are ready to give you a free assessment and consultation!